Dragonfly Percussion Beater RESONANCE SERIES BABY BUCKET Gong Mallet

Dragonfly Percussion Beaters are the best! Dragonfly makes my absolute favorite gong mallets, aka the BabyBucket. This diminutive stick features a small, egg-shaped core with the same super soft covering as its larger cousins on a lovely bamboo handle- (approximately 1/2” diameter x 12 ¼” long) which sports a small foam grip.  It creates a beautiful, transparent sound on gongs of all sizes as well as singing bowls.  With virtually no attack and a comfortable, resilient feel, this is a mallet you’ll keep coming back to.  Excellent both as a pair of rollers or as an individual stick.  The listing is for one mallet.

•Features: Made in Thailand
•Includes: Allen wrench
•Weight: 3360 g / 118.5 oz
•Length: 36 cm / 14.17"
•Width: 81.5 cm / 32.09"
•Height: 94.8 cm / 37.32"


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