MEINL Sonic Energy Meditation Flow Chime, 35″ / 88 cm, 440 Hz, 10 Notes, D Major, Bronze

Meinl Sonic Energy Meditation Flow Chimes are high-quality instruments that are perfect for meditation, relaxation, and sound therapy. Play the chimes with the attached mallet and swirl them around to create a spherical, soothing sound. Their tones have a calming and balancing effect on the body, mind, and soul.

I personally play the Meinl Sonic Energy Meditation Flow Chimes for my clients and they are always a sound fan favorite!

The sound tubes hang on sturdy nylon cords, centered in two ash wood holders. The tubes are made of corrosion-resistant aluminum and can be played separately or together.

Included in the delivery, there's a padded carrying case with a soft velvet insert and a high-quality felt mallet. The shoulder strap on the bag is adjustable.

Product Features:

  • Perfect for gentle swaying, circling, spinning and twirling

  • Calming and balancing effect on body, mind and spirit

  • Playable from both sides

  • Long-lasting resonance

  • Integrated holder for mallet

  • Carrying bag with a piece of flocked velvet & adjustable shoulder strap


•Tuning: D Major: D5, E5, F#5, A5, B5, D6, E6, F#6, A6, B6 (A4/a' 440 Hz)
•Dimensions: 18.90" width x 34.65" length x 0.79" depth
•Materials: Ash wood, aluminum, leather, nylon cord
•Includes: Carry bag, flocked velvet, mallet with felt tip


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