MEINL Sonic Energy Mini Steel Tongue Drum C Major, 6 Notes – Black / 6″/15,24 cm

From Meinl Sonic Energy is the Mini Steel Tongue Drum with pre-tuned notes for any music lover, teacher, or sound therapy practitioner to play. This scaled-down version of our standard steel tongue drums is a fun size for endless possibilities on where to play. From yoga and sound therapy to classrooms, offices, or your coffee table, this 6” diameter drum can be played by anyone, anywhere, regardless of skill. Its pre-tuned scale means there are no wrong notes, and the sound is ethereal and soothing (like a soft steel pan drum). Includes two soft rubber mallets for a full and tranquil tone.


•Material: Coated stainless steel
•Diameter: 6" / 15,24 cm
•Tuning: C Major / C5, D5, E5, G5, A5, C6
•Feature: Miniature size Steel Tongue Drum (6")
•Feature: Pre-tuned scale
•Feature: Soothing and tranquil tone
•Feature: Great for sound therapy, classrooms or your coffee table
•Includes: Bag
•Includes: Rubber Mallet Pair


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