Singing Bowl Suction Cup – Holder for Medium Sized Bowls- MEINL Sonic Energy

Singing Bowl Suction Cup - Holder for Medium-Sized Bowls- MEINL Sonic Energy

Meinl Sonic Energy Singing Bowl Suction Cup Holders offer a convenient solution for individuals who engage in sound baths and therapy sessions with metal singing bowls. Designed to enhance the effectiveness of these practices, these suction holders allow for easy movement of the bowls, enabling users to focus the sound and energy on different parts of the body while simultaneously playing the bowls. With the use of these holders, practitioners can effortlessly manipulate the bowls to create a harmonious and therapeutic experience.

To ensure optimal performance, it is important to prepare the singing bowls and suction holders properly. Prior to using the suction holders, it is essential to ensure that the singing bowls are completely free of dust and debris. This can be achieved by carefully cleaning the bowls using appropriate cleaning methods. Once the bowls are clean, it is recommended to slightly moisten the suction pads of the holders. This helps to create a stronger and more secure grip on the surface of the bowls, preventing any unwanted movement during the session.

Using the suction holders is a straightforward process. The first step is to firmly press the suction holder in the center of the singing bowl, ensuring that it is securely attached. The solid wood rod attached to the holder allows for easy lifting and movement of the bowl. However, it is crucial to exercise caution and perform a quick check before each use to ensure that the hold is secure. This helps to prevent any accidents or disruptions during the sound bath or therapy session.

A special note about safely using the Singing Bowl Suction Cup

For safety reasons, it is important to note that the singing bowls should not be held above the face or body. This precautionary measure prevents any potential harm that may arise from accidental drops or slips. Adhering to this guideline ensures a safe and enjoyable experience for both the practitioner and the recipient.

It is important to mention that Meinl Sonic Energy Suction Holders are specifically designed for use with Meinl Sonic Energy singing bowls of the Universal, Cosmos, Engraved Series (which is my personal favorate of the Meinl Sonic Energy line!) and Energy Therapy series. These holders are also compatible with other metal singing bowls that have a plain inner surface. However, it is not recommended to use these holders with crystal singing bowls, as their different compositions and delicate nature may not be suitable for the suction holder mechanism.

In conclusion, Meinl Sonic Energy Singing Bowl Suction Cup Holders provide a practical and effective solution for individuals engaged in sound baths and therapy sessions with metal singing bowls. By allowing for easy movement and control of the bowls, these holders enhance the overall experience and enable practitioners to focus the sound and energy on different areas of the body. Following the recommended guidelines for preparation, usage, and safety ensures a smooth and fulfilling session.

With their versatility and functionality, Meinl Sonic Energy Suction Holders are an excellent choice for individuals seeking to maximize the therapeutic benefits of metal singing bowls in their practice.

•Materials: Colored beech handle, PVC suction pad
•Diameter suction pad: 3" / 7.5 cm
•Handle length: 7.9" / 20 cm
•Feature: Designed to direct singing bowl sounds along the body
•Feature: Perfect for therapeutic use
•Feature: For metal singing bowls from 700 to 1,500 grams



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