sound healing book – #1 Best Seller- Seasons of Sound: Sound Healing for All of Life’s Seasons – Signed by the authors

Sound Healing Book Seasons of Sound - Signed by the Authors

Embark on a transformative self-care journey with Seasons of Sound, your ultimate companion guide to the sacred world of sound healing.

Written by sound healing practitioners and educators, Seasons of Sound is an inspiring yet practical resource for beginners, enthusiasts, and experienced sound practitioners alike.

Whether you wish to incorporate sound healing into your home meditation practice or seek support for leading large sound baths, Seasons of Sound is here to empower and guide you.

Drawing inspiration from nature’s four seasons and the sacred sound of Om, Seasons of Sound is a creative and indispensable reference for both home and group sound bath experiences.

In addition to a comprehensive look at the foundations of sound healing, singing bowls, and therapeutic gong, you’ll find the following invaluable tools inside:

  • Seasonal affirmations and guided meditations
  • Insightful journal prompts
  • Hand mudras to inspire joy
  • Nurturing home practices using singing bowls and gong
  • Trauma-sensitive group sound bath ideas and tools

Sound Healing Book Seasons of Sound is perfect for:

  • Yoga practitioners and teachers
  • Meditation practitioners and teachers
  • Sound healing enthusiasts and practitioners
  • Mindfulness leaders and self-care group facilitators
  • Anyone who’s interested in delving into sound healing and meditation

Seasons of Sound is the must-have guide that leads us away from the throes of modern life and into a space where pure presence reigns.

This sound healing book is a mesmerizing exploration of the deep connection between nature, emotions, and sound. Authored by renowned sound healers Julie Afsahi of Soul Strong Yoga and Jessica Cross of Sound for Stress this groundbreaking work delves into the profound impact of sound on our well-being and invites readers to embrace the harmonies that exist within and around us.

What our readers are saying:

"With an authentic and relatable voice, Afsahi and Cross acknowledge the constant hum of productivity we face in the modern world and offer practical guidance on a path to sound healing that feels inviting, grounded in cycles of nature, and rich with luxurious detail. Whether you're a true beginner looking for plainly stated instruction, or a seasoned practitioner seeking depth and inspiration, Seasons of Sound is a must-have resource for your library." - Cassandra Knoedl, Musician and Yoga Teacher




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Sound Healing Book Seasons of Sound

Sound Healing Book Seasons of Sound