Tingsha Aastamangal – 2.5″


Tingsha chimes are traditionally used by Tibetan Buddhists to mark the beginning and end of meditation. They are also used by a Buddhist master to bring a student back into focus when his mind wanders during meditation. Our chimes are made in Nepal of an alloy of bronze, iron and zinc.

The sound is penetrating and purposely dissonant unlike the harmonic overtones of the Tibetan singing bowls.

This 2.5″

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Tingsha Aastamangal

2.5 Inches – A Symbolic Treasure of Prosperity and Blessings!

Tingsha Product Description:

Unlock the mystical world of Nepali culture and spirituality with the Tingshya Aastamangal 2.5 Inches, a divine artifact crafted to bring an abundance of blessings and prosperity into your life. Handmade by skilled artisans with meticulous attention to detail, this sacred piece is a masterpiece that embodies the essence of Nepal’s rich traditions and spiritual heritage.

Key Features:

1. Intricate Design: The Tingshya Aastamangal features eight distinct symbols, each carefully hand-carved into this exquisite 2.5-inch piece. These symbols are deeply rooted in Nepali culture and hold profound meanings, making them powerful symbols of positivity and well-being.

2. Premium Quality: Crafted from high-quality materials, the Tingshya Aastamangal is designed to stand the test of time. Its durability ensures that it can serve as a cherished heirloom for generations to come.

3. Spiritual Significance: This beautiful artifact is not just a decorative item; it carries deep spiritual significance. Let’s explore the meanings of the eight symbols:

a. Lotus (Padma): The lotus symbolizes purity, enlightenment, and the blossoming of one’s spiritual potential. It rises above the muck and mud of life to reveal its pristine beauty.

b. Endless Knot (Shrivatsa): Representing the interdependence of all things, the endless knot symbolizes harmony, eternity, and the interconnectedness of life’s elements.

c. Victory Banner (Dhvaja): The victory banner signifies the triumph of wisdom over ignorance and represents the victory of positive virtues in one’s life.

d. Golden Fish (Suvarnamatsya): These two fish symbolize abundance, fertility, and the freedom to swim fearlessly through the ocean of suffering in life.

e. Wheel of Dharma (Dharmachakra): The wheel represents the path to enlightenment and the continuous cycle of birth, death, and rebirth, offering the potential for liberation from suffering.

f. Conch Shell (Shankha): The conch shell is a symbol of the melodious sound of the Dharma, awakening one to the path of righteousness and truth.

g. Canopy (Chattra): The canopy represents protection and shelter, offering refuge from life’s storms and difficulties.

h. Vase of Treasure (Bumpa): This symbolizes an endless source of treasures and abundance, bringing wealth and prosperity into one’s life.

4. Versatile Display: The Tingsha Aastamangal is versatile and can be displayed in your home, office, or meditation space. Its presence is a reminder of the rich cultural heritage and the pursuit of spiritual growth.

5. Thoughtful Gift: This beautiful piece makes for a thoughtful gift for loved ones, whether for a special occasion or simply as a gesture of well-wishing and love.

Unlock the blessings of the Tingsha Aastamangal 2.5 Inches and let these eight sacred symbols guide you on a path of prosperity, spirituality, and positivity. Embrace the essence of Nepali culture and invite harmony and abundance into your life with this exquisite work of art. Order yours today and experience the transformative power of these ancient symbols.

Tingsha Set includes a randomly selected handmade case in a variety of colors with felt cymbal ring and zip closure.


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