Tingsha – Auspicious Symbol Tibet Gong Tingsha Cymbals


2.5 inches in diameter

This includes one set of tingsha cymbals that included  8 Auspicious symbols of Buddhism. The 8 symbols are:

1). A Conch Shell

2). A Lotus

3). A Wheel

4). A Parasol (Umbrella)

5). An Endless Knot

6). A Pair of Golden Fish

7). A Banner Proclaiming Victory

8). A Treasure Vase

Tingsha chimes are traditionally used by Tibetan Buddhists to mark the beginning and end of meditation. They are also used by a Buddhist master to bring a student back into focus when his mind wanders during meditation. Our chimes are made in Nepal of an alloy of bronze, iron and zinc.

The sound is penetrating and purposely dissonant unlike the harmonic overtones of the Tibetan singing bowls.



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