Sound Healing Book Seasons of Sound: Sound Healing for All of Life’s Seasons is your ultimate companion guide to Sound Healing.

sound healing book seasons of sound

Drawing inspiration from nature’s four seasons and the sacred sound of Om, Seasons of Sound is a creative and indispensable reference for both home and group sound bath experiences. Written by sound healing practitioners and educators, Seasons of Sound is an inspiring yet practical resource for beginners, enthusiasts, and experienced sound practitioners alike.

Seasons of Sound is a #1 Best Seller and #1 New Release on Amazon in multiple categories! 


Sound Healing Book Seasons of Sound is here to support you, whether you wish to incorporate sound into your home meditation practice or want to lead group sound baths.


You’ll find the following invaluable resources inside Seasons of Sound:


  • Foundations of sound healing

  • Essential tips for singing bowls and gongs

  • Seasonal affirmations

  • Guided meditations

  • Insightful journal prompts

  • Hand mudras to inspire joy

  • Nurturing home sound practices

  • Trauma-sensitive group sound bath tools

Sound Healing Book

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